Taxi companies are today facing an expanding level of competition, with more taxis.

on the road. Meeting response times for moving people is of the highest importance for all regulators and companies. Having a vehicle that can do both makes great sense and offers monetary gain.

What Are My Options?

Our modification service can install a wheelchair lift into your existing vehicle – quickly and easily. We provide a range of quality products that will last. And we oversee all work directly, so we know that it’s a quality installation, every time.

Whether you are tendering for a new license, changing over an existing license or simply upgrading due to age, please contact us.

What About Lost Income?

We place the highest value on quality service, and we understand that every hour your cab is off the road, is costing you money – which is why we aim to have you back driving as quickly as possible.

Once you have a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you are opening up your business to a much wider clientele, and you have the potential to increase your everyday takings. With a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you give yourself an opportunity to cater for all markets, wheelchairs and passengers. It has to be the most flexible vehicle in today’s market.

Do I Really Need It?

You might think there are plenty of people in need of a taxi, without relying on those that are wheelchair-bound. That may be so. Yet consider that by extending your service provision to those that need it, you are lifting yourself above all those taxi operators that don’t offer a wheelchair accessible alternative.

To raise your game, and get a head start on the competition, a wheelchair- conversion makes good sense.

For more information including brands, costing and timeframes for the modification, why not give us a call today?

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