Community Transport

Community transport is designed to help those community groups that need it most: the disadvantaged, elderly, infirm, disabled and isolated. To ensure optimum service, and to meet the needs of those that really require assistance, it’s essential to provide wheelchair accessibility.

Benefits to the Community

Wheelchair accessible vans and buses can provide a much-needed degree of freedom to those groups that need it most.

Without such vehicles, many would be left without access to recreation, medical care, shopping and services. It can also give these groups an important social platform, when they would otherwise be isolated.

A wheelchair accessible option provides a safe, convenient and easy transport alternative for all those involved.

And To You

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles can take the hard work out of community transport, by assisting not only those in wheelchairs, but also your staff and drivers who might otherwise be required to lift or assist passengers.

It’s about ease, convenience, and above-all, safety.

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