Aged Care Services

If you are in the aged care industry, you no doubt understand that mobility is both a desire and a lifeline for your clients. There will always be a significant portion of aged care residents that require wheelchairs. Providing them with the flexibility to join outings, or simply to take the strain and hassle out of necessary travel, is a positive step for any aged care provider.

Universal Appeal

An aged-care facility with wheelchair accessible vehicles at the ready for residents is going to stand out from the competition. Make your facility more attractive to those looking for aged care providers.

Optimise Your Organisation

Consider also the benefits for your own organisation. Heavy lifting of residents is always a risk. Insurance may cover injury (to staff members or residents) as a result of lifting, however this is both expensive, and an undesirable outcome that’s best avoided. Injuries can also cost you in lost-employee hours.

A wheelchair accessible vehicle provides a safe and easy way to lift and transport your residents to and from hospital visits, social outings and regular appointments.

Help Where it’s Needed

Above all, a wheelchair accessible van or bus will help your residents enjoy a regular life. Moving into an aged care facility is often a life-changing, and sometimes traumatic, experience. Help your residents enjoy a greater quality of life by allowing them the freedom to maintain some normal routines – from shopping, to social outings.

More Information

For more information on our products, and what’s involved in converting your standard van or bus, feel free to give us a call today.

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