Our Clients

Our extensive range of wheelchair lifts and accessories is suitable for most small

vans and busses. And we’re happy to service both individuals, businesses and organisations.

Wheelchair modifications and conversions are not only ideal for individuals and personal vehicles; they are an integral part of community services and organisations.
We have a wide range of happy customers in a diverse array of industries.

Aged care

Having wheelchair access vehicles available means staff can transport residents safely and easily, giving them the freedom they desire. Having wheelchair accessibility readily available can help make a facility much more appealing to prospective clients. More Info

Community Transport

There’s a high demand for wheelchair-accessible community transport. We can convert one or more of your vehicles so that you can provide your community with the best possible service, be it a single van or a whole fleet of vans or buses. More Info

Taxi Companies

A few days off the road to convert your cab can potentially reap you great long-term rewards. While there’s a lot of competition on the road, there’s also high demand for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Stay in the game with a wheelchair accessible taxi sedan, station wagon or van. Contact us if you are vying for a new tendered license or looking at changing your current vehicle. More Info


If you’re a club that provides patron transport, ensure maximum appeal with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Keep long-standing customers, and attract new clientele, by offering something that other clubs might not. More Info

Private Installations

Whether a recommendation from an occupational therapist, or simply a desire for
greater mobility, the addition of a wheelchair lift to your car or van can make a world
of difference to you or a loved one. Enjoy greater freedom and ease of use with a
wheelchair-lift and conversion of your own. More Info

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